Where Do I Begin?

Things have been chaotic these past two years. I am thinking about re-starting this blog and continuing my journey in the Anahuac tradition. It’s been a sporadic journey religiously. I’ve been around the world, sailed the seas and moved across the United States. Though I still haven’t found my permanent home, I’ll continue searching; though I have a good idea where I’m going.

I wonder if there’s any other Anahuac practitioners out there? If so don’t be afraid to email me here  and contact me.


Until next time,




Changing Places, Gods & Myself

Hello All,

I have not contributed to this blog in close to a year. I have been lost in a pretty dark place for a while. And my new job has moved me thousands of miles from my original “home”. What does that mean for me, as a human, a man and a pagan? For the past year I haven’t necessarily been spiritual, religious or in any sort of the word “identifying” as someone who has faith in a deity/deities.

And for that, I feel ashamed. I turned my back on those who’ve I’ve made friends with in the Pagan community. And most of all, I’ve turned my back on the Gods themselves. Recently I’ve been feeling an un-nerving urge to come back to the tradition that’s called me the most. Aztec Reconstuctionism. I haven’t been secretly practicing any other forms of Polytheism in the broom closet or anything of that sort. I’ve just been… disconnected. But now, It feels like the connect has been re-established and it’s stronger than ever. Now, I feel that I can continue my research and learning about the Gods, the Aztec/Olmec culture and beliefs that the people once held. I feel that I can actually give the Gods a voice on the internet. There’s so very few of us (Aztec Pagans) that it’s hard to find anyone to fill the spot.

Well, from now on I am going to be trying my best. Now that I am in a stable spot and know what’s going to be happening. Security is everything, I felt lost not knowing what was going to come next.

Praise be to the God of the North who guides the fate of man with his smoking mirror. And to the Feathered Serpent of the West who blows the winds of the night and cools the Earth to comfort all.


The Flower and the Hummingbird

Whenever I look for inner piece I find direction in the Gods, though I have been lacking in faith as of late. I’ve been thrust into a very stressful and ever changing time in my life where I make the ever necessary change from boy-to-man. And with that transition comes more responsibilities and stress. Everyone must face this change eventually in their life no matter their circumstances, gender or religion. Growing up and changing is inevitable, and with that comes changes of mind.

I recently enlisted in the armed forces of my country. I leave for basic training in August, so my intentions to post more on Reddit and my blog (here) might come to fault when I join. As I will have about a year of training following boot camp for my job in the military. Following that I also have a five year contract I have to fulfill. This is my responsibility to not only myself, but my family and my country.

I am invoking the Gods much more often now, offering my self. All of my being, mind, body and spirit. As in hopes that they will watch over me in my journey from boy to man and from man to soldier. I take solace in the fact that someone, somewhere is watching over me. I guess instead of Quetzelcoatl being my main and often exclusive deity. I need to incorporate Huitzilopochtli and Chalchiuhtlicue for obvious reasons.

The Gods Watch and Listen

An experience that I’ll never forget was the week after I joined the Anahuac faith, I had an experience that solidified my faith within the Gods. My girlfriend and I argue, we argue like any teenage couple; any couple to be exact. But it’s what happened after a fight that’s what helped me understand that there were someone, something that was watching over me. It’s still a heavily motivating experience that guides me to pursue an even heavier devotion to the Gods.

It was a Saturday afternoon, I was driving to her church (she’s a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints) for their annual prom for the youth. On our way there we decided to go and have some coffee. Or tea for her since she’s not allowed to have coffee. In the car on the way to the coffee shop we got into a random arguement about a past relationship. Just another petty example of teenagers using their loud mouths and lack of thinking to hurt each other. But I digress from the point, the arguement ended and we walked halfheartedly into the coffee shop holding hands.

Waiting patiently in line, laughing, enjoying each others company. When in the middle of the conversation an elderly man turns around and says “ya know… she truly loves ya.” Dumbfounded I looked at him with utter confusion “Are you sure?” I replied. Grinning he reassured me that my girlfriend loved me “I can see it in her eyes.” In this moment she was staring at the floor blushing fourty seven shades of red in just a matter of seconds. He got his order and went to join the rest of his friends at a table to talk news and gossip.

All the while we were left speechless at such a random gesture of kindness. That’s never happened before to us when we fight it usually ends up just naturally fixing itself within a few hours and sometimes days. But a feeling of someone randomly intervening and helping us on a day that was very important to us. That elderly man saved the rest of a memorable night for us. Because of him the dance went amazingly and we danced all night long.

The more I think about it, the more I knew someone was watching over my encounter with that elderly man. The more I understood I wasn’t alone. Someone guided that man to turn around in my hour of need and confront our problem head on. And for that I thank him, and the Gods above.

Never lose faith in the ones you’ve given your eternal soul over to. For only they can control the heavens and the fate of all man kind. Pray diligently and whole fully and never ask for to much. You are their servants, if they ask you to jump, you respond with “how high?” And when they are pleased with your actions and devotions. Then it is your time to ask for favors and blessings.


Praise be to the God of the North who guides the fate of man with his smoking mirror. And to the Feathered Serpent of the West who blows the winds of the night and cools the Earth to comfort all.